Back by Popular Demand!
The Re-giftables (previously known as "white elephants") table.

Where: the Friends of the Morrill Memorial Library Holiday Sale!
December 3, 2016 from 11-2
Our motto is "reduce, reuse and recycle!"

Well, the holidays are coming and it’s time to consider sorting through
your drawers, cupboards, basements, attics, and closets to seek out those
rather “odd” gifts. If you never really knew what to do with them, bring
them to the Library.  Do you have any irresistible yard sale items that you
actually don’t know what you were thinking when you snagged them?...

The library sale is the perfect solution!

We are accepting donations through Wednesday, November 30th at 5 pm.
Thank you to those of you who have already donated really great regiftables!

We can always use more donations of unique or nearly new items that would
make affordable (re)gifts for parents, spouses, children, siblings, or
other special friends.

If you have any of the following items that are hiding in your household,
forgotten and lonely, just taking up space, please consider donating them
to the Library Holiday Sale:

household decorative items and/or knick knacks

kitchen utensils or gadgets

table linens

games and toys (no electronics please)

we are always looking for jewelry that might be unworn for the past few
years in your drawer or jewelry box


handmade craft items


Your tucked away, forgotten treasures may be just the perfect, very
affordable gift for someone else. So, let them go, clear some space and
help make someone else happy.

If you can't drop donations off during library hours then contact: Ingrid
Webb (765-4025) or Cindy Stableford (765-4506) by phone or email. We can
help with pick up or drop off.

THANK YOU on behalf of the Friends of the Morrill Memorial Library