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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Get ready for tax season!
You may remember last year, how frustrating it was to try and find forms, directions or tax information, as both the state and federal tax agencies promote online filing. 
Join us on MONDAY, JAN. 25th at 7pm: we'll host Kerry Claffey presenting a workshop on taxes. 
Topics he'll cover (no, he won't be filling out individual tax forms!):
1.  Preparing for taxes -- gathering up everything that you need. 
2.  For the "Pen & Ink Crowd" -- finding and printing tax forms.
3.  For the "Do-it Yourself person" with a computer -- the IRS File Free Program and other inexpensive Tax software sources
4.  For the "I don't want to have to think about this" crowd --- how to find a tax preparer. 
5.  "Don't forget about the money saving tax credits"
6.  The "Complicated Vermont Mess" -- Homestead Declaration, Applying for the Vermont State Tax Payment, Use Tax, and the Vermont Income Tax Forms. 
And keep in mind we can print most tax forms at the library (for free).

Some new titles: "Guest Room" - Chris Bohjalian, "How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide" - Jane Bryant Quinn, "Vegetarian India" - Madhur Jaffrey,; for younger readers:
"Nimona", "Ms. Marvel 2",  "Kids' Knitting Workshop", "Lego Awesome Ideas", "Baby Sitters Club (graphic novel based on the originals) "Story of Diva and Flea" - Willems, and "Finding Winnie: The True Story of 
the World's Most Famous Bear".