Part A? Part B? Part C? Supplemental? 
For anyone in his or her early 60s, decisions about what kind of Medicare coverage to sign up
for can be overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to host a speaker 
from the Central Vermont Council on Aging whose expertise in the Medicare program might offer 
considerable help to those on the verge of having to make these difficult decisions.
However, the speaker will be available to us only on a late afternoon Thursday or a late morning Saturday 
in February or March. Please let us know if you are interested in attending; it wouldn't make sense for her 
to drive down here for just one or two people.

Some new titles: "Cat Sense" - John Bradshaw, "Dogtripping" - David Rosenfelt, "The Invention of Wings" - 
Sue Monk Kidd, "The Kept" - James Scott, "Fear Nothing" - Lisa Gardner, "The Purity of Vengeance" - Adler-Olsen.

We are hoping to start a lego collection at the library. If you happen to have some, just collecting dust,
and you'd like to sell them reasonably (or donate them!) please let us know. We would really appreciate it.

We're also in the early planning stages for a "Fancy Nancy Tea Party"! Possibly Saturday, Feb. 8 at 11 am ------ so
get those costumes, fancy words and good manners ready. We'll keep you posted.