The Reading Group meets this Thursday at 1pm to discuss "Dodger" by Terry Pratchett.

We have a new collection of LUV DVD's and audiobooks in.
Other new additions include DVD's: "The Butler", "20 Feet From Stardom", and "Fruitvale Station". "Captain Philips" will arrive soon and Season 4 of Downton Abbey should arrive by Feb. 3 (yes, there is already a short waiting list).
Fiction: "Andrew's Brain" - Doctorow, "Mrs. Lincoln's Rival" - Chiaverini, "The Days of Anna Madrigal" - Armistead, "Red Rising" - Brown, "Saints of the Shadow Bible" - Rankin, "The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches" - Bradley, "Innocence" - Koontz; for YA fans ---- "Independent Study" - Charbonneau (sequel to "The Testing") and a new Magic Tree House (#51!).

Sat., Feb. 8, 11 am: Fancy Nancy Tea!! We encourage splendid wardrobes, amazing manners and a fabulous vocabulary. Dolls welcome

Saturday, Feb. 15, 10 am: MEDICARE: What is it all about? Whether you're approaching medicare in the next couple of years or already on it, this presentation will help you figure it out.