Thanks to ARPA Grant Funds disbursed through the Vermont Department of Libraries, we were able to purchase all these new titles for our Parenting collection.  Some are old favorites, others brand new. 

Raising Boys to be Good Men by Aaron Gouveia

Untangled:  Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood by Lisa Damour Ph.D.

Thrivers:  The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine by Michele Borba, Ed.D.

The Opposite of Worry:  The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties and Fears by Lawrence Cohen

Hunt, Gather, Parent:  What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us About the Lost Art of Raising Happy, Helpful LIttle Humans by Michaeleen Doucleff

How to Raise an Adult:  Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott-Haims

Parents Guide to Teenager Anxiety and Depression: The Must-Have Guide for Understanding and Helping your Teenager Battle Anxiety and Depression by S.L. Clark

Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen:  The Essential Conversations You Need to Have with Your Kids Before They Start High School by Michelle Icard

Boys & Sex:  Young Men on Hookups, Love, Porn, Consent, and Navigating the New Masculinity by Peggy Orenstein (we have Girls & Sex by same author already)

Balanced and Barefoot:  How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children by Angela Hanscom

Autism Spectrum Disorder:  What Every Parent Needs to Know by American Academy of Pediatrics

Social Justice Parenting How to Raise Compassionate Anti Racist Justice Minded Kids in an Unjust World by Dr. Traci Baxley

The Self-Driven Child:  The Science and Sense of Giving  Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives by William Stixrud, Ph.D.

How to Raise a Wild Child:  The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature by Scott D. Sampson

The Addiction Inoculation:  Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence by Jessica Lahey

(VT Author)