Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Trustees Meeting

Monday, July 8, 2019, 7:00 pm



*Location – Kerry’s office at the Mason’s Hall 


Any items to add or remove?


Secretary's Report

Review and approve minutes from the June meeting


Librarian's Report

How are things going? Help needed?

Ordering for collection – every month

Children’s summer programs - publicity

Kanopy subscription

Volunteer training 

Summer vacation dates

New laptop


Friends' Report

Book Sale


Treasurer's Report

Review profit and loss statement

New insurance company


Other Business

Costs related to septic issue to date - Kerry

Website updates

Doc/Dory – solar array info


Septic plan

New cleaning person – Ed Eastman 

Lamppost repair- Rocky

Hire afterschool program coordinator for the fall


July/August Monthly Duties

Fuel oil contract

Buildings and grounds inspection


Next meeting date Monday, August 12, 2019