Please remember to review the Bylaws for necessary revisions

Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2015, 7:00 PM


Any items to add or remove?

Solar Agreement - Dori

Secretary's Report

* Review and approve minutes from the March meeting

Librarian's Report

* Computer updates, new scanner

* Programs - VT Humanities Council, David Grant

* Story time and after school program updates

* Grants - committee, Turrell

* One Card

Friends' Report

Treasurer's Report

* Review Profit and Loss statement

Other Business

* Vacuum

* Furnace repair

* Light fixtures

* Dropbox

* Check signing privileges

* Basement findings

* Copy of Louise Swan’s will to the state Office of Historic Preservation

* $1,000 bequest

* Move money from checking to Reserve Fund

Personnel Committee report

Bylaws revision

April Monthly Duty

* Thank you for volunteers

May Monthly Duty

* Spring cleaning

* Tax info to accountant for 990 filing