Morrill Memorial & Harris Library Trustees Meeting

Monday, April 1, 2024, 7:00 PM

Attendees: Cindy Binzen, Miriam Newman, Melissa Strayton (Library Director), Rachel Kurland, Carol Wilson, Becky Proulx, Kevin Lynch

Action Item Summary:


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    Ask what Probate Court is about, what Library gets from it and whether to continue.

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    Close $3K savings account OR withdraw one dollar and redeposit annually.

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    Check on larger electric bill.

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    Take next steps on relocating Hannibal painting.

  • checked

    Send 990 to tax accountant.

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    Move tax info to account for 990 from Apr to Aug Monthly Duties


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    Discuss offer with candidate for the summer reading program and a summer preschool story time 

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    Check candidate above on response to offer.

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    Post opening for After School program.

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    Check with Matt Christie (??) on new thermostat.

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    New Covid tests (assuming it makes sense since smallest request is 3000).

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    Print new Library brochure/bookmark.

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    Melissa to ask librarians for referral to space planner. 

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    Submit annual request to Friends’ Meeting 16-Apr 


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    Line up lawn care.

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    Screen door repair (already removed and underway).

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    Secure tarp in advance of snowstorm

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    Review Valley Floor estimates.

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    Test water


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    Volunteer and Presenter Thank yous


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    Post policies on google drive and learn to post final minutes to website.

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    Remove tarp

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    Make progress on website content.


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    Provide feedback via email to Becky on Community Survey.

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    Pursue Fall grant for interior refresh.

Secretary's Report:  Approve minutes from March meeting - Cindy/Rachel/All.  Approved.

Approve Library Policies (annual) - Cindy/Carol/All.  Approved.

Librarian's Report

  • Large Jan-Feb adult order catalogued and shelved.  Circulating briskly.  Melissa working on early Spring order, another large one.  Melissa working on J GRA order covering additions and replacements.

  • Programming

    • Aaron Dotter Eclipse presentation attended by ~20, nicely received.  Needs thank you note from Carol.  Eclipse eyeglass distribution begun.

    • Brooke Wilkinson will present on 13-Apr, probably 10 or 11am.

    • Corey Cook, poetry 4/18

    • Paul Butterfield program deferred to May, exact date TBD.

    • Center for Cartoon  studies date needs to be defined.

  • Library brochure - ready to submit to printer.

  • Melissa to pursue new Covid tests.

  • Palace/Libby/Kanopy - Melissa monitoring usage under new fee schedule.

Friends' Report - Next Meeting Tues 16-Apr.

Treasurer's Report 

  • Review profit and loss statement - electricity increased over twice usual amount.  Not enough sun.  

Other Business

  • Library Refresh includes lighting, carpeting, reading/meeting space, children’s play area, book return box,  heat balance (booster?), electric spaghetti, moving paintings and sculptures, furniture (incl. desk). 

    • Tony provided estimates.   Cindy to provide at later date.

    • West Wilson slate roof estimate received.  Carol to keep him apprised of progress

    • Melissa to ask other librarians for referral to space planner.

  • Community survey  - Becky still open to input on  draft survey using Google forms. Please review.

  • Website - no update

  • New sign board definitely needed.

  • Cindy axed the ice to free the tarp on bulkhead from a folded position (45 mins!  Thanks Cindy).  Ready for spring melt.

April Monthly Duties

  • Volunteer thank yous -Carol

  • Tax info to accountant for 990 - Rachel

  • Line up lawn care - Cindy

May Monthly Duties

  • Spring cleaning tentatively scheduled for 19-May at 9am.

  • Test Water - Cindy

  • Store tarp after snowmelt - Kevin

Next meeting - Monday, May 13, 2024