Morrill Memorial Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes from October 6, 2014


Present: Curt Albee, Cindy Binzen, Martin Frank, Danette Harris, Rachel Kurland, Anni Praetorius (from The Friends of the Morrill Library), Rebecca Seibel (librarian)

Absent: Carol Wilson


1. Cindy asked if there were any items to be added to or deleted from the agenda. There were none.


2. Secretary’s Report: The minutes from the September 8 meeting were reviewed and were accepted as submitted.


3. Librarian’s Report:

        A. Programs:

                1. The After School Program is going strongly with

                13-16 children in attendance.

                2. Story Times are scheduled for October 17 and

                November 11.

                3. Some special programs are being considered.

                4. Christine Barlett is interested in helping to organize

                a program from the Vermont Humanities Council that

                would be presented in the winter in 2-3 sessions.

                5. On November 12, Gus Speth will be reading from

                his new book at the library. It is hoped that a reading

                by Gregory Maguire of his new book might be                              arranged.

        B. Bethany Cole kindly donated a bucket of Legos.

        C. A check from Efficiency Vermont was received in the

        amount of $1,449 for the insulation project. This amount

        includes an unexpected bonus of $500.

        D. Rebecca received a call from an antique collecting

        organization called CRACK. They would like to donate

        $200 in memory of Gerard Stevens. The money would

        go towards the purchase of new books. Rebecca will

        generate a list of books and then order them.

        E. Rebecca will attend a Library World meeting on October

        17 and she attended a local libraries meeting in South Royalton on             October 21.

        F. A flier was presented about the November 1 meeting for

        Vermont Public Library Trustees. The theme is “Money

        Matters” and interested trustees should see Rebecca.

        G. Rebecca wonders if there is enough light on the pathway

        to the back door. The trustees went out and looked at the

        situation. It was asked if a tree is blocking the light and

        also if a light could be placed on the back porch roof.

        H. Rachel noted that Rebecca is attending workshops that

        occur on non-work days for her. It was suggested that

        Rebecca take off on October 20 to make up for this time.

        I. Rebecca was also encouraged to take her vacation time.


4. Report of The Friends

        A. Anni reported that, at their last meeting, David Webb

        informed the group about “maker space” conference that

        he attended.

        B. The Friends have generously ordered double celled

        window shades for the front room of the library.

        C. The Annual Meeting will take place on October 23.

        There will be a business meeting at 6:00pm, followed by

        a program by a local author at 7:00pm.

                1. The new board of officers will be announced,

                which will be Cindy Stableford serving as both

                president and treasurer. David Webb serving

                as vice president and Anni serving as


        D. The Holiday Sale will be taking place on December 6 and

        plans are underway.

        E. The Friends have been working with Curt to design a new

        work desk to be located where the circulation desktop         computer currently sits. Curt presented a plan to the

        trustees and has volunteered to actually construct the

        new desk, possibly using oak plywood. The Friends are

        funding this project. Curt and Anni welcome suggestions

        and Cindy thanked them both for their work on this project.

                1. One concern is where to put the wireless modem.

                Several possibilities were discussed. Rebecca has

                emailed Mike Tisdale and will talk with EC Fiber.

                2. It was wondered if the area where the hard

                drive will sit needs ventilation.

        F. At this point, there was a discussion of reorganization of

        the basement. Rachel, Cindy and Danette offered to help

        with this work.


5. Treasurer’s Report

        1. The group reviewed the Profit and Loss statement dated

        October 6. Marty stated that the library’s finances are

        in “decent shape”.

        2. The question was posed whether money should be moved

        from the savings account to a CD. No decision was made.

        3. Also considered was whether the library should add an

        “umbrella” liability policy. Marty has a call in to

        Mascoma Bank and they are looking into this for the library.         Two questions to ask are: What would be the cost? How    much more coverage would there be?

        4. The insurance audit for workmen’s comp. was done. The

        rate went up about $13.00.


6. Other business

        A. Cindy spoke with Mark Chute who is willing to do snow

        removal. Cindy will follow up with him and will report back.

        B. The topic of the basement reorganization came up again.

        Rebecca needs about an hour to start the process. Cindy will

        come in to cover the circulation desk next week so that

        Rebecca can accomplish this initial work. Emily will also

        want to organize her materials. Then volunteers will be

        needed to help.

        C. Rachel called several resources about shredding the

        boxes of library paperwork. At one place, there is a

        $60 minimum for shredding. Rebecca will ask the town

        clerk to see if the library might be able to use their     shredder.The possibility of burning the materials was       discussed and several trustees volunteered to take home         materials to burn.

        D. The library will be closed on October 13 for the

        Columbus Day holiday.

        E. Building and Grounds

                1. There is nothing to report on gutter cleaning.   

                2. The upper railing out front was scraped and

                painted. No bill has been sent yet.

                3. Masonry and weatherization are still being

                worked on.

                4. Marty will write a thank you note to the

                Mascoma Foundation.

                5. The rugs were satisfactorily cleaned by

                Sterling Quality Cleaners.

        F. It was discussed how to handle the situation when

        patrons are using the computers yet other patrons

        are waiting. One suggestion was to have a laptop that

        could be offered.              

        G. Cindy reported that “A Manual for VT Library Trustees”

        lists policies that libraries should have which includes

        policies on:

                -general goals and priorities (including a mission                           statement and service priorities)

                -general operation (fines, hours, who may use library,                   etc.)

                -use of meeting space

                -bulletin boards

                -unattended children

                -confidentiality of library records

                -non-discrimination in service to public and library


                -intellectual freedom

                -collection development

                -dealing with gifts


                -public use of electronic resources

        H. The appeals letter should go out in early November.                         Marty will start work on its composition in October.

        Rachel will order 2 rubber stamps that have the bulk

        mailing info on them and she will purchase envelopes.

        Trustees will meet at Curt’s home on October 27 at

        7pm to stuff the envelopes.


7. Next meeting: November 10, 2014 at 7:00pm at the library. (One agenda item is to focus on the general operations policy.)



                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                        Danette Harris, secretary