Morrill Memorial Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2015

Present: Curt Albee, Cindy Binzen, Martin Frank, Danette Harris, Rachel Kurland, Anni Praetorius (from The Friends), Rebecca Seibel, Carol Wilson

1. Cindy asked if there were any changes to the agenda.

          A. One item was added: There was a discussion about who to leave on

          the check signature card. The new treasurer should be added and

          Danette’s name will be removed. Marty will stay on.

2. Secretary’s Report: The minutes from the January 12, 2015 meeting were reviewed and were accepted as written.

3. Librarian’s Report:

          A. There was a Vermont Humanities Council presentation by Jim

          Schley last week that was attended by 15 people.

          B. On March 10, local author David Grant will do a program on

          his new book. The Friends will provide refreshments.

          C. The After School Program continues to have about 14-15

          children in attendance.

          D. Emily started doing a story time at the Strafford Creative

          Preschool. She has done two programs so far. She does a read

          aloud, an activity and then leaves books for the preschoolers

          to use at the preschool. She will send a note home to

          preschool parents to promote the use of the library.

          E. Emily and Rebecca are considering doing a movie night for

          children during the vacation week.

          F. Trudi Brock will teach a Cabin Fever knitting class at the library.

          G. Rebecca will meet with other local librarians tomorrow.

          H. The vacuum cleaner was pronounced dead. Brenda Kniffen prefers

          to use a canister vacuum cleaner. Rachel will do the research on

          vacuums and will get that information to the trustees.

          I. Rebecca received an email from the VT Division of  Historic

          Preservation. They are trying to ascertain what materials are

          owned by the library and what is owned by the Morrill Homestead.

                   1. It is Rebecca’s understanding that all of the books in the

                   homestead education center are owned by the Morrill

                   Library. Books in the library in the Morrill Homestead are

                   believed to be the property of the homestead.

                   2. There is a question about some medals that were in

                    a wooden cabinet.

                   3. There is also a question about a globe that used to

                   be located in the Morrill Library.

                   4. Rachel agreed to be the point person for these issues.

          J. John Dumville examined the printing plates located in the         basement. He surmised that they were probably from the 1924

          biography of Justin Morrill by Parker.

                   1. There was a discussion about what to do with these plates.

                   Is the homestead or state interested? Is the Strafford

                   Historical Society interested in them? Should they be sold

                   as scrap metal? Should an appraiser be asked of their worth?

          K. A bill from Tom Root was presented for the installation of six

          smoke detectors and one combination detector for both smoke and

          carbon dioxide. The total cost was $387.98.

          L. Curt spoke about replacing the fluorescent lights with LED lights.

          He will check the price on these.

          M. Rebecca will be on vacation from March 24-31. Cindy requested

          that the trustees be told of vacant spots for coverage.  

          N. A letter was received from the state that stated that the Vermont

          Department of Libraries has decided to suspend the minimum        standards program.

          O. Rebecca was approached with the idea for a middle school reading

          group, which she will pursue.

4. Report of The Friends of the Morrill Library

          A. There was a meeting on February 11 during which there was a

          discussion about where The Friends came from and where they

          might be going. Many past members came and participated in the


                   1. Some topics that were discussed were: filling board positions,

                   ways of getting new people involved, fundraisers, advertising,

                   the membership drive letter (what does membership mean?),

                   programming, the effectiveness of their outreach,

                   setting up a free library, how to handle The Friends’ funding

                   (including possibly supporting a library expansion for something

                   like a meeting room)

                   2. Cindy thanked Anni for this report and expressed that she

                   was glad to hear that The Friends will continue.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

          A. Marty discussed the Profit and Loss Statement. One area

          that may go over budget is snow removal.

          B. The financial report has been submitted for the town report. Marty expressed thanks to Nellie Pennington who audited the books. Nellie

          recommended using QuickBooks (as opposed to our bank balance)

          to determine our year-end balance for the financial statement

          we submit to the town report.  


          C. The Investment Committee met in January.

                   1. The market value of the Endowment Fund as of the

                   end of 2014 is $251,460.

                   2. Marty commented that the endowment did well

                   last year and it “pretty much tracked the market”.

                   3. The Investment Committee is moving endowment

                   investments into index funds to reduce the need for

                   active management of the portfolio.

6. Other business

          A. Steve Handy will be doing snow removal in Mark Chute’s absence.

          B. There was a discussion of board positions.

                   1. Curt will run for another 3 year term as a Harris trustee.                            Rachel will nominate him at Town Meeting.

                   2. Marty and Cindy voted for Rachel to move to the Morrill

                   Trustee position being vacated by Danette. Cindy will send a

                   letter to the probate court informing them of Danette’s

                   resignation and that Rachel will now fill this position.

                   3. Someone will need to be appointed by the Select Board

                   to fill the final year of Rachel’s term as a Harris trustee.

                   Carol will talk to the Select Board about a possible appointee.

          C. As Danette leaves the Personnel Committee, Cindy asked for

          a volunteer to fill this vacancy. Curt promptly volunteered to join

          Cindy on this committee, which will meet in March.

          D. Cindy distributed packets for new trustees.

          E. There was a discussion on amending the by-laws to remove the

          term limit for board members. Curt made a motion to remove the term    limit discussed in Article 2, Section 2, number 3 of the by laws. The

          trustees voted to remove the term limit outlined in the by laws.

                   1. Marty will re-type the bylaws to reflect the change and

                   add a new adoption date to the end of the document.

          F. New officers will be elected at the March meeting.

H. Next meeting: March 9, 2015 at 7:00pm at the library.

                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                      Danette Harris, secretary