Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Trustees Meeting


Monday, January 9, 2023, 7:00pm

Draft Agenda

Any items to add or remove?


Secretary's Report

Approve minutes from December meeting


Librarian's Report

Ordering for collection - monthly, postings

Afterschool program 

Preschool story time - start-up date?

Computer - updates

Patron questionnaire

Collection weeding



Friends' Report


Treasurer's Report 

Review profit and loss statement


2023 budget


Other Business

Website improvement 

Bequest ideas 


Appeals letter thank yous

New trustee 

Update policy folder

Martha Manheim’s books

New cleaning person – Jessica Brown

Budget request to town

Baby books


Monthly Duties for January

Prepare narrative and financial report for the Town Report to Nellie by 1/23


Monthly Duties for February

Annual fiscal report to Probate Court


Next meeting

Monday, February 13, 20223 – I’ll be away