The meeting convened at 7:10 p.m. in the library. Present were Cindy Binzen,  Miriam Newman, Melissa Strayton  (librarian), Carol Wilson, Becky Proulx, Kevin Lynch.

Secretary’s Report:  Carol moved to approve Dec-2023 meeting minutes, Becky seconded, all approved. Kevin will track down status of Dept. of Libraries 2023 Capital Grants.

Friends Report: Not present.

Librarian’s Report:   

After school program -  Regarding the opening to lead the after school program, one potential candidate declined for lack of time while subsequent conversation with second candidate is pending.  As such, Melissa will reach out to nearby libraries to see if their children’s librarians would consider the job.  In addition to the current after school job, the position may be expanded to include pre-school programming.

Library collection end of year order arrived.  Needs to be cataloged and shelved.

Palace, Libby, Hoopla, Kanopy - Palace ready to announce:  Melissa and Kevin will post.  Melissa discovered a Kanopy competitor named Biblioplace which distinguishes itself with British content.  Melissa has asked for pricing.  Mango, a language learning tool currently offered by other libraries, is an offering worth consideration for the Library.  GMLC offers a flat annual license for $336 in 2024. 100 languages for one year.  Kevin to look up blurb on Mango.  Melissa continues to monitor patron usage of the Library’s other streaming option.  In future, we may consider upgrading GMLC/Overdrive or adopting Hoopla in future as an alternative.

Key returns no additional. Steve Marx decided to keep his copy: the Trustees approved

Vacation coverage  Melissa has arranged vacation coverage for week of 15-Jan between Anni, Cindy, Kevin.

Miscellany Melissa continues work on annual report.  Melissa reminds us that desktop Intuit Quickbooks, used to manage all things finance for the Library, is no longer sold as of  01-April in favor of Quickbooks Online and Hosting. We need to figure out a plan

Treasurer’s Report: 

Budget Review Rachel supplied proposed 2024 budget, Miriam moved to accept, Carol seconded, all approved. Carol submitted funding request letter to Select Board for consideration.

Library Appeal grew from  $3910 in December to $5210, slightly more than the 2022 total of $5030.  

Other Business:

  • Planning meeting proposed for Fri 2-Feb 9-11. Agenda includes: how to allocate Campbell bequest, refine Patron survey, revise appeals letter and process for 2024. Please suggest other important agenda items.

  • Adult programs:  Tii McLane interested in 25-Jan for adult program.  Will use projector and will hang maps in front of windows.  Melissa and Miriam to work with Tii to advertise. Subsequent program suggestions include Cory Cook (poetry month), Hospice, Green burials. Please suggest additional topics for adults.

  • Patron survey (see planning meeting)

  • Website improvement (meeting to discuss on 11-Jan-24)

  • Screen door repair

  • Executive session canceled

  • January Monthly Duties

    • Carol will prepare narrative to accompany financial report (Rachel?) for Town Report.

    • Register Sec. of State governance - $20 EOY, due 2023, done then?

  • February Monthly Duties

    • Annual fiscal report to Probate Court

    • Trustee election – Becky, Select board appointment for Carol

    • Change smoke detector batteries and blow out dust

Action Items:

  • Kevin to contact Lucie Fortier at Dept of Libraries to find out status of grants (or Catherine Delneo). 

  • Melissa will continue AS program recruiting.

  • Melissa will continue work on annual report.

  • Becky will continue to work with Town Office to get on ballot as Harris Trustee.

  • Cindy will reach out to Tom Root to ensure smoke detector batteries are fresh.

  • Carol will prepare narrative and financial report for Town Meeting.

  • Kevin  will organize website meeting on 11-Jan at 10:30.

  • Solar Eclipse activities on 8-April.  Anyone in town who can talk about it?

  • Melissa and Carol will handle 2023 Baby Books.

Next meeting Monday, February 12, 2024