Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Board of Trustees Meeting 

Monday, June 8, 2015, 7:00 PM


Any items to add or remove?

Kerry Claffey

* MM&HL taxes

Betsy Rummell and John Hawkins

* Endowment

Secretary's Report

* Review and approve minutes from the May meeting

Librarian's Report

* New scanner

* Story time and after school program updates and summer plans

* Water testing

* Workshop on June 19

Friends' Report

* Little Library

* July 4th Book Sale

Treasurer's Report

* Review Profit and Loss statement

Other Business

* Will - who owns items at the Homestead, etc.?

* One Card

* Drop box

* Check signing privileges

* Basement findings

* $1,000 bequest

* Thank you letter in June Strafford News and on Strafford list serv

* Change month for Spring cleaning day?

* Bylaws revision

June Monthly Duty

* Policy review