Library Trustees Minutes, March 7 , 2016

 Present: Cindy Binzen, Rachel Kurland, Carol Wilson, Rebecca Seibel, Marty Frank, David Webb (for the Friends)

Minutes from the February meeting were adopted.

Librarian’s Report:

The library received $2,000 from the Byrne Foundation for children’s programming, and we are now in good shape for the rest of the year. Last week, we collaborated with the One Planet Program at the school and presented Michael Caduto, a program that was attended by about 40 children, including 19 from our program. Rebecca is considering coordinating with One Planet to offer some summer programming. She’s also going to talk to Emily about the possibility of arranging some low-key programming during April vacation.

The second session of the Humanities Council program is scheduled for tomorrow night. Stuart Smith’s concert is scheduled for April 17 at 3 p.m.; Rebecca will take care of publicity, and the Friends will handle refreshments. Rebecca is attending a workshop on April 21 and will be on vacation between May 11 and 17.

Rebecca received an email from the state historic preservation officer informing her that if the bow and quiver now in possession of the library is claimed by a tribe, the items will need to be hand-delivered, with the library assuming the costs. The state official did say that the office would work with the library to arrange fundraising and secure grants to help cover the cost. 

Friends’ Report:

David noted that the Little Library looks great and people appear to be using it.

 Treasurer’s Report:

Rachel said that we appear to be hitting our budget. Unexpected contributions from Catamount Solar and friends of Chris Bartlett should help compensate for falling short of our budgeted amount for contributions to the annual appeal. 


A new drum has been purchased for the printer; it cost about $70. Miriam was elected to the board at last week’s Town meeting. Rachel will send out the solicitation for money to cover the restoration of the Justin Morrill portrait, but first wants to revamp the letterhead.

Trustee board meetings will continue to be held the second Monday of each month at the library beginning at 7 p.m., and the public is welcome to attend. 

Annual officer elections: Cindy Binzen was elected chair/president; Rachel Kurland was elected treasurer; Marty Frank was elected secretary.

A volunteer appreciation tea will be held April 10 at 4 p.m. Our annual library cleaning day is tentatively scheduled for May 15.

The next meeting will be April 11.

 Submitted by Marty Frank