Minutes of Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Board, May 8, 2017

 Present: Cindy Binzen, Carol Wilson, Curt Albee, Miriam Newman, Rebecca Seibel, Rachel Kurland

 Minutes of the April meeting were approved.

 The meeting opened with a discussion of upgrading the library’s catalogue system.  The state is encouraging libraries to switch from Library World (or whatever other program they might be using) to Auto Graphics by Verso.  Auto Graphics would allow libraries to read each other’s catalogues, making it easier to arrange Inter Library Loans.  It would also automatically update our catalogue in the state’s system.  Currently Rebecca has to manually enter each new purchase.  Rebecca has spoken to other librarians, and those with Auto Graphics are satisfied with it. Library World has not responded to pressure to upgrade their program.  The state is currently offering grants to cover the cost of  the move and the first year of use.  This is a short term offer, so we need to decide quickly.  Once running, Auto Graphics will be more expensive than Library World, but will allow us to participate fully in the state system of small libraries. The board voted to approve the adoption of Auto Graphics, provided the state has satisfactory answers to a few questions  - will Auto Graphics import from Library World and how does the information get into the field that binds together the catalogues?

 Librarian’s Report:

 The theme of the summer program is Build a Better World.  There will be special events, including building butterfly houses, fire hose night, and a visit from Dino Man.

 Kate Root and Emily will fill in for Rebecca for the next few weeks, assisted by volunteers.  We will pay the professionals, expecting about 14-16 hours for Kate and an extra 6 hours for Emily.  Rebecca has lined up volunteers to fill all the vacant slots.

 We plan to get a Chrome Book or laptop to make available to patrons when both public computers are in use.

 There is no word yet, on the Turrell Grant, but we should hear soon.

 The Church has been reserved for the July 7th concert.  Curt will host the event and the Friends will either provide food or money for cheese and crackers.

 Kerry has filed for an extension on the library’s taxes.

 Treasurer’s Report:

 We are on track based on previous years’ expenditures.  The only hole in the budget is the Turrell Grant.  We have other options for funding if that grant does not come through, but hope to hear from Turrell soon.

 Friends Report:

 Kemba Russell and Mary Newman have joined the Friends board.  We welcome the new blood.  Bethany Cole has retired after long service on the board and she will be missed.

 The July book sale will be June 30 and July 1.  There will be an organizational meeting on June 6.

 The Friends voted to donate $2500 to continuing support on library programs, including museum passes for patron use and the summer reading program.

 Other Business:

 The board approved the new building use policy written by Miriam Newman.

 Jeremy Kendall will continue to mow weekly and will mow the back 40 as needed.  Carol suggested that in the dry part of the summer we might not need mowing every week.  Curt will discuss that with Jeremy.  Curt has surveyed the grounds and there are three dead trees in danger of falling on the library.  Curt will speak to Jeremy Kendall about removing them.  Curt pulled out a mass of invasives from the stream bank and Eli Mintz will chip the brush and remove the stumps when he has equipment in town.  Miriam made a motion to authorize up to $500 for the grounds work and it was approved.

 Carol Wilson wrote all the volunteer thank you notes.  Thank you, Carol!

 Spring cleanup day is Sunday, May 21 at 9AM.  Bring cleaning supplies and gardening tools.

 Our next meeting will be June 19th at 7PM.

 The meeting was adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Rachel Kurland Temporary acting secretary.