Present: Cindy Binzen, Carol Wilson, Cindy Stableford (for the Friends), Miriam Newman, Rebecca Seibel, Curt Albee, Kerry Claffey, Marty Frank

Minutes for the June meeting were approved.

Librarian’s Report: Rebecca reported that summer children’s programming began Monday night with a visit from a naturalist from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. The program was well attended. Next week will be fire truck night on the common, a surefire hit. The summer reading program has begun, and 27 students have signed up for Reading Logs. Rebecca is working on preparing the mid-year report to the Turrell Foundation.

A Valley News reporter visited yesterday to prepare a story on the restoration of the Justin Morrill portrait and asked if the painting is insured. Rebecca suggested we consider at least checking out what would be involved in insuring the work. The board agree to explore it.

A problem with the wireless connection prompted a call to EC Fiber. They thought the problem might be with the router, in which case they recommended buying a new one, because it would be only slightly more expensive than what they would charge to come to the library to service the one we have now. Rebecca called David Webb, who stopped in and then contacted Mike Tisdale who was skeptical about that diagnosis and thinks it’s more likely that we need to update our operating system and make a few other changes that are beyond the understanding of nontechnical people. He estimated that it would require between three and four billable hours of work and cost between $230 and $285. David Webb and Rebecca think it’s likely to cost in the neighborhood of $300 to $350. The board agreed that the work should be done.

A patron has inquired about the possibility of the library hosting a Zentangle coloring program and was invited to provide us with more information about what that might entail.

Friends Report: Cindy said that the book sale, despite numerous challenges, did quite well. It brought in a little more than $2,900, which is nearly the same as last year. The Townhouse Forum is about to begin and the Friends are looking for volunteers to help make coffee and desserts. 

Treasurer’s Report: Rachel reported that all looks well. Some line items are over budget, others are under, but it appears that we’re on track. The library has received two $500 donations in the past week.

The board reviewed the 2015 990 tax form with Kerry Claffey, who again donated his time and talent to prepare it. Except for some misspellings, the form appears ready to be signed and submitted.

Curt has identified another mason who might be able to undertake the repointing of the building and repairs to the steps. He’ll try to arrange a site visit.

The board decided to skip an August meeting and reconvene on Sept. 12.

Submitted by Marty Frank