Minutes for March 13 2023 Trustees Meeting

The meeting convened at the library at 7 p.m. Present were Cindy Binzen, Carol Wilson, Miriam Newman, Marty Frank, Kevin Lynch, Rachel Kurland and Melissa Strayton (librarian). 

Minutes of the February meeting were accepted.

Librarian’s Report: Alicia Houk of Wildflower Alliance, who has been designing pollinator gardens — including for Latham and Kilton libraries — is looking to connect with two libraries interested in having gardens planted this spring. She would put the garden in, but it would need to be maintained after it is established. Melissa noted that the theme for this summer’s children’s programming is “All Together,” and suggested that the pollinator project be incorporated into that. Melissa reported that she has submitted an application for the $300 grants the state provides for summer performances.

Tom Root did some electrical work recently and a little touch-up painting is needed in a couple of places. Jessica Brown has taken over the cleaning work and her work has been good, although her scheduling has been unpredictable. The trustees agree that we should try to have cleaning done every other week. Melissa has some catching up to do with book orders and publicizing the new Palace app, but her first priority will be in completing the annual report for the state.

Treasurer’s Report: Rachel sent out a profit and loss statement before the meeting. With the exception of Tom Root’s electrical work, there have been no budgetary surprises. The annual fiscal report has been submitted to the probate court.

Other Business: The trustees conducted their annual election of officers. Marty nominated, Carol seconded that Cindy continue serving as chair/president. Approved unanimously. Marty nominated, Miriam seconded that Rachel continue serving as treasurer. Approved unanimously. Miriam nominated, Carol seconded that Marty continue as secretary. Approved unanimously. Cindy moved and Marty seconded that the officers of the board be excluded under the state of Vermont’s Workers Compensation Act.  That was unanimously approved. Unless scheduling conflicts force us to do otherwise, the trustees will continue to meet on the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the library, in person when we can and by Zoom when we cannot.

Carol moved, Rachel seconded, to adopt the revised bylaws and append the relevant portions of the Louise Swann will. Passed unanimously. Marty said he would put a copy of the bylaws in the notebook where we maintain paper copies of our minutes.

Trustees reviewed and discussed our mission statement and policies for operations, confidentiality, building use, collection development, internet use and policy revision. Rachel moved, Marty seconded to adopt policies as written and/or revised. Passed unanimously with Kevin abstaining.

Cindy reported that she has received no responses from various contractors in her attempt to get an estimate on replacing our slate roof. Several trustees will meet Thursday to work on the Needs Assessment the Department of Libraries has requested as a first step in its grant application process. Melissa noted that the grants can also be used to address accessibility barriers, noting that our building has several, including a bathroom that can’t accommodate wheelchairs, a loft area that can be used only by people able to climb stairs and uneven floor surfaces. The trustees acknowledged the building’s problems but didn’t express interest in trying to address them in the short timeframe provided by the grant-application process. 

Cindy has talked to Kaitlin O’Leary, who has agreed to spearhead a storytime for preschoolers. The weekly sessions will start in April and run for five weeks. The first session of the book discussion of Becoming Nicole the library is cohosting with the church is scheduled for this week and will probably be conducted via Zoom. Rachel will take the portrait of Nathaniel Hawthorne to the restorer/cleaner to get an opinion about its suitability for a touch-up.

Our next meeting will take place on Monday, April 17, at  7 p.m. at the library.

Submitted by Marty Frank