Minutes, August 18, 2015

Present: Rebecca Seibel, Curt Albee, Rebecca Seibel, Cindy Binzen, Rachel Kurland, Carol Wilson, Miriam Newman, Cindy Stableford, Marty Frank

Minutes from the June meeting were adopted.

Librarian’s Report:

Scanner: The new one is now hooked up, but the jury is still out on whether it’s a keeper. It has to be held exactly so to read bar codes, but that may be a good thing because it will slow people down and reduce the number of checkout errors.

Summer Program: 30 participants of the reading log program have read at least three books and will receive a gift certificate. They will also be invited to a root beer float celebration at the library. Attendance at the Monday evening programs was down this year, although Emily Z. reports a similar trend in Thetford. Emily and Rebecca will soon meet to start planning the fall lineup.

Invasives: John Echeverria wanted to know where the well is because one of the invasives that’s being battled requires chemical treatment. It’s unsure what was decided by those waging the battle.

Front Steps: Dave Taplin noticed that one of the front steps has noticeably shifted and has offered to hire Ken Frank to address it. Ken won’t be available until next year, at which point there is hope that he may also be scheduled to do the masonry work the library has been trying to get done. 

Vacuum Cleaner: Still isn’t working right. Rachel will check with the store where it was purchased.

Friends Report: 

Curt reported that progress continues to be made on the Little Free Library. Cindy reported that the July 4 book sale brought in $2,904, a substantial increase from previous years. The membership drive has produced $4,245 (compared with $3,320 last year). The annual meeting is scheduled for Oct. 1, and Melanie Finn will read from her new novel, “Shame.”

Treasurer’s Report:

Rachel reported that the budget looks fine. Spending and income are similar to last year with the exception of items such as oil and grant funding. 

Other Items:

Cindy S. said the Townhouse Forum is wrapping up. All the readings have been attended by between 40 and 50 people. Donations are down a bit from last year.

Miriam investigated the question about Louise Swan’s intentions, as stated in her will and amended later in codicils, regarding the library building and certain items left to the library. Or were they left to the town, and simply stored at the library? It appears that her final wish was to leave both the library building and various items, including a sword presented to Commander Farragut after the capture of New Orleans in the Civil War and an Indian artifact, to the library and its trustees. The disposition of the Indian item was of particular interest because of a law requiring that such items, if left to municipalities, be offered to the tribes where they originated.

The trustees expressed their interest in contacting the proper tribe and determining if it was interested in having the items back in its possession.

The revised bylaws, discussed at the last meeting and posted for public comment, were adopted unanimously. Marty said he would print out revised copies for the trustees and send a computer copy to the librarian.

The oil contract is set for the coming winter. 

The next meeting will be Sept. 21. 

Submitted by Marty Frank