Minutes for the Nov. 25 Trustees Meeting

The meeting convened at 7 p.m. at the library. Present were Cindy Binzen, Miriam Newman, Curt Albee, Kerry Claffey (bookkeeper), Melissa Strayton (librarian), and Marty Frank.

Minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Librarian’s Report: Melissa said she has been ordering books and is on track to use the budgeted amount for new materials for the collection. The children’s afterschool program is going fine. Melissa is mentoring Sarah, who’s doing fine and whom the kids seem to like. Melissa received another endorsement of the Kanopy streaming service from a patron. She also had a conversation with a salesperson from the service who told her of a change in the way they’ll be charging for children’s content. If a patron downloads a children’s program, we’ll be charged $5, but that person will have unlimited access to children’s programming for 30 days. After a couple of weather-related cancellations, the volunteer training is set finally to occur tomorrow. The program with Northern Vermont University professor Paul Searls went very well; it was well attended and generated an interesting discussion. David Webb came in to check out the new laptop we ordered for circulation and discovered that it has a faulty screen. The plan is to return it and get a replacement. Melissa is compiling a list of new babies in town so Carol can make celebratory bookplates. LUV dues are going up $5 a year to $320. Melissa said she’ll soon have to get to the business of gathering annual statistics for submission to the state.

Treasurer’s Report: In Rachel’s absence, Kerry distributed the most recent Profit & Loss statement. Although we’re down to $5,000 in the checking account, Kerry said he’s not too worried. He’ll monitor our expenses to make sure we don’t overdraw, and we can expect a fair amount of income soon, including the town’s quarterly payment. Kerry thinks we’re in sound financial shape.

The Selectboard has asked that we notify them by Dec. 9 if we plan to seek an increase in our appropriation. That prompted a very general budget discussion with Marty saying he was open to seeking some sort of increase from the town to account for our increasing expenses and Cindy replying by saying she was reluctant to ask taxpayers for more when we still have healthy reserves. It was agreed that it’s difficult to make any sort of decision without having a general sense of how our projected expenses and income will line up next year, and Kerry said he’ll try to get together with Rachel to rough out a budget. Marty said he would contact Toni Pippy to see if we can have a couple extra days to work this out.

Miscellaneous: Mason Ken Frank remains an elusive figure and will continue being so at least until the return of warm weather. A piece of slate came off the roof and will need to be replaced. Curt has  bought piece of rubber roofing to cover the bulkhead and plans to fashion something that will make it easy to attach and detach. Rocky has offered to work on the sign. Melissa thinks the weatherstripping on the front door needs to be looked at. Marty said he has sent out material to promote the upcoming benefit concert being arranged by Stuart Smith and will check to see what preparations might need to be made for the concert itself.

Our next meeting will be 7 p.m. on Dec. 9 at the library.

Submitted by Marty Frank