Present: Curt Albee, Cindy Binzen, Martin Frank, Danette Harris, Rachel Kurland, Rebecca Seibel (librarian), Cindy Stableford(from The Friends of the Morrill Library), Carol Wilson

 1. The minutes from the October 6 meeting were reviewed and accepted as written.

 2. Librarian’s Report:

        A. Rebecca is currently working on the statistics report        which is due this month.

        B. She will probably participate in a survey called

        “The Digital Inclusion Survey” which asks libraries

        about internet connection, public access, etc.

        C. The library has been signed up for the “Impact

        Survey”. Patrons would answer the questions on the survey

        and the library would get a report.

        D. Programs:

                1. Gus Speth is doing a reading from his new book this

                Wednesday evening.

                2. Cindy Stableford, Christine Bartlett and Rebecca

                met recently to discuss a VT Humanities Council                           program. They decided on a program called “Masters

                of the Short Story” which will run February-April.

                3. There will be a story time with Emily tomorrow.

                4. The after school program on Thursdays has about

                16-20 children in attendance each week. Two middle

                school students have been helping and Rebecca will

                obtain gift certificates to thank them.

                5. Rebecca has contacted Kausandra Landon about

                doing another program on downloadables.

                6. A program on medical directives is being considered.

                7. A genealogy website entitled “Heritage Quest” is

                available to library patrons. A password can be

                obtained from Rebecca.

                8. Rebecca is thinking of subscribing to the

                On-line Library which would allow patrons to have

                access to a collection of databases and websites.

                9. The Book Drop from the Norwich Library will be

                picked up soon. There was a discussion of where to                      place the book drop but no decision was made. One

                idea that was discussed was at the bottom of the

                stairs in the front of the library.

                10. Holiday and seasonal books have been placed in

                plastic containers in the basement.

                11. The annual appeals letter that was mailed early

                in November has brought in $1,825 to date.

                12. Curt will get a plan to the Friends on the work


                13. No decision has been made about vacation time.

 3. Report of The Friends of the Morrill Library

        A. Plans for the Holiday Sale are well underway.

        B. The Friends purchased new window shades for the library

        which were installed by Curt. Both The Friends and Curt

        were thanked for this addition to the library.

 4. Treasurer’s Report:

        A. The Profit and Loss Statement dated November 10 was

        reviewed. Marty stated that the library is “doing really

        well” in terms of finances and that a good job was done

        in forecasting expenses. The checks from the appeals

        letter had not been deposited so were not included in

        the statement.


        B. Budget for 2015

                1. It is not anticipated that the town will be asked for

                more money in the new budget.

                2. Steve Marx is the liaison with the Select Board.

                3. Carol will serve as the library representative at                        Select Board meetings. Marty is willing to attend if                        needed.

                4. One new cost will probably be tax preparation.

                5. One area where costs may be lower is in fuel                           purchasing.       

        C. Betsy Ruml sent information that she discovered at the

        Town Clerk’s office about a $1,000 bequest made to the      library in 1966. The town clerk will look into this and

        recommended that the fund is transferred before the

        end of the year. Marty recommends transferring it to the

        Endowment Fund.

        D. The Endowment Fund Committee met in October.

                1. The fund is currently at $252,000.

                2. If the restricted funds of $18,000 are

                subtracted, then the unrestricted amount is

                $234,000. Once this amount exceeds $250,000

                then a decision will need to be made about the

                disbursement of earnings.

                3. There was a discussion of whether the interest

                could be counted on as a source of income so that

                funding from the town could be reduced.

        E. Marty contacted Mascoma Savings Bank about the   liability and workmen’s compensation insurance. After

        discussion, it was decided to keep the current levels

        of insurance in these areas. 

        F. The group discussed the level of insurance

        on the property, which seemed low. When Curt looked

        up the appraised value of the library, it matched fairly

        closely the value of the library listed on the insurance policy. The concern was voiced that the building could not be

        replaced for the appraised value. Marty will look into this.

 4. Other Business:

        A. Rebecca received the Solar Credit Purchase Agreement

        from Dori Wolfe. She has discussed this with Paul Perkins

        who feels that all of the organizations that are involved

        should make sure that they are signing the same agreement.

        Rebecca also talked to Dori about the possibility of being

        able to access other sources of solar energy that may         become available at a later time.

        B. Mark Chute is willing to take care of snow removal. The

        cost will be $50 per event if Mark has to use his equipment

        and $45 if his equipment is not used. The group agreed to

        hire Mark at these prices and Cindy will be in touch with


        C. Rebecca is now ready for help in reorganizing the     basement. Carol, Curt and Cindy will assist in this

        work on November 19 at 2:00pm.

        D. Buildings and Grounds

                1. Curt heroically cleaned the gutters.

                2. The masonry work is on hold until next year.

                3. Curt is working on weatherization.

        E. Policies were not discussed at this time.

        F. Rebecca read aloud a letter from a man who recently

        sent a selection of books as a donation to the library.

 5. Next meeting: December 8, 2014 at 7:00pm at the library.

                                   Respectfully submitted,

                                                Danette Harris