Minutes for Nov. 19 Trustees Meeting

Present: Cindy Binzen, Curt Albee, Marty Frank, Miriam Newman, Melissa Strayton (librarian), Carol Wilson, Rachel Kurland, David Webb (for the Friends), Kerry Claffey

Minutes from the October meeting were accepted.

Kerry reviewed the 990 for 2017, which required a lengthier form because of the amount of our assets. He then discussed his interest in the bookkeeper’s position, which Rebecca has indicated she would like to vacate by January. Kerry said he was familiar with the library’s finances through the 990s he has voluntarily prepared for us and that he was familiar with doing bookkeeping for a small nonprofit through his work with the church. Cindy noted that the job is likely to require 8 to 10 hours a month and that our hourly compensation would be $20.

Librarian’s Report: Melissa reported that the volunteer list the Friends compiled to help staff the library is working well. Also working well is the new courier service, although there is some question about how we should be charged for those weeks when the library is closed on Mondays, the day of the week we’re scheduled for service. However, there seems to be no question about the significant savings we’re enjoying in postage, and Melissa is happy to be freed from the labor involved in the old interlibrary loan system.

The children’s after-school program is rolling along; about 9 children attended the last program. Story-time at the preschool has been cut back to once a month, at the request of the preschool. Melissa noted that she’s been tracking the extra hours that she puts in exclusively for the after-school program, but is not sure what should be done about the hours when she’s running the program at times when she’s scheduled to be working in the library. Should she be compensated at the librarian’s rate or the rate established for the children’s programmer? The board agreed that Melissa should be paid at her regular librarian’s rate regardless and that we should notify the Turrell Foundation of our need to depart from the budgeted amount submitted in support of our grant application.

Friends Report: David said most things appear be in place for the holiday sale. Mary Newman will be running the show at the library, while Denise Cote will supervise the library operation at Barrett Hall. Other components of the sale have been assigned individual chairpeople who have been granted sweeping authority and autonomy to run their operations with dictatorial efficiency.

Treasurer’s Report: Rachel reported that no budgetary surprises have emerged in 2018. She’s meeting with Rebecca soon to continue to work on next year’s budget. It appears unlikely that projected revenue will cover our expenses, but the board informally agreed that we have better options than seeking more money from the town. We might supplement the budget with income from the endowment or draw down our checking account, for example.

Miscellaneous: The board agreed to hire Kerry as the bookkeeper. The hot water heater has been replaced and moved, a new pressure tank has been installed and the well has been treated and tested. Some minor work remains, but will wait for the spring.

Our next meeting will be Dec. 10.

Submitted by Marty Frank