Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Trustees Meeting

Monday, October 21, 2019, 7:00 pm



Any items to add or remove?


Secretary's Report

Review and approve minutes from the September meeting


Librarian's Report

How are things going? Help needed?

Ordering for collection – monthly

Children’s afterschool program – Sarah Rogers

Kanopy subscription numbers

Volunteer training - October date?

Paul Searls – We People in VT, 11/?

New laptop

Turrell grant 


Friends' Report

Holiday Sale – 12/7


Treasurer's Report

Review profit and loss statement

New insurance company – Odell, Workman’s Comp paperwork


Other Business

3-month Personnel Review – 10/7

Ken Frank – masonry fix

Doc/Dory – solar array info

Costs related to septic issue to date – Kerry

Retest well - date?

Bulkhead tarp

Rug cleaning - November

Lamppost repair - Rocky


Stuart Smith’s concert - 12/14, church reserved?


October Monthly Duty

Prepare annual appeals letter, materials, mailing list, date to mail


Next meeting date? Monday, November 11, 2019 is a holiday