Morrill Memorial and Harris Library Trustees Meeting

Monday, October 4, 2021, 7:00 PM


Any items to add or remove?


Secretary's Report

Approve minutes from September meeting


Librarian's Report

Ordering for collection – monthly, postings

Children’s program – fall plan - Sarah Rogers

CPU – scrub and recycle 

Website improvement ideas 


Friends' Report

Holiday Sale plan?


Treasurer's Report 

Review profit and loss statement


Other Business

Tents/boxes in basement 



Painters finish up

Plantings - Brown’s

EC Fiber hub – Tom Cecere

Officers and directors Insurance renewal  - $1,175.32


October Monthly Duties

Prepare appeals letter – supplies needed, dates for prep and mailing

Line up snow removal


November Monthly Duties

Mail appeals letter

Begin work on budget 

Bulkhead tarp on


Executive Session


Next meeting

Monday, November 8, 2012